29 April, 2014

Mumbai meri jaan!

10 months in Mumbai. Well, I can’t say I don’t know how time flew. This city is the very first place where I have come to live out of my so called 'home', out of my comfort zone. A place where I have created a home away from home. This indeed is the city of dreams. I came here with a lot of happiness, joy and hope (newly married and all that). Now I feel completely satisfied about the decision I made to moving into a new city (mind you, I did have an option to live and work in Madras also)

Getting married to the person whom who you chose to fall in love is indeed a blessing. We (me and Abishek) got married without a second thought in our mind, very thoughtless (in a good sense). There was no question of ‘is he the right man’ in my mind nor anything about ‘how are we going to manage the responsibilities?’ for us it was about being together (I think) nothing else mattered. The struggle period (the dealing with the family part, the wedding preparation part) wasn't much fun but now when I look back, that entire struggle has made me strong and this relationship even better. In fact I have grown up to forgive few people and forget few incidents, it has become a part of the past.

Life has been very kind, I have made better choices; the past few months have been about a lot of work, some amazing travel, little gardening and me budding into a cook who can actually prepare a tasteful meal for few people (read that as 5). 

I have a summer vacation for few weeks and would like to blog more about the travel tales, mostly in and around Maharashtra  (less writing, more photos and some useful information). Would you show some love? J

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