04 October, 2013

Engathula Golu vachurukka... vethalai paaku vaangikka vaango!

The very thought of not being home to help Amma with arranging those boxes and boxes of dolls,  spreading those pattu sarees on the padis, setting them to perfection, using all extra dabbas to make extra padis, eating two neiveidhyams per day, visiting a dozen other golus but getting back home to tell that every visit was very 'sumaar' , nammathu golu maadhiri ille... Seeing her wear that madisaar every single morning and read sthoramaala , praying so sincerely to Ambal and shooing me away 'please ma, poi  thalaiya vaari poo vachuko' 

Appa would have kattified the very old steel padi.. which we intend to change every year, but never did for the past 18 years. 

Amma would have very sincerely wiped every single doll, I don't know if she remembers where the golden powder is to paint all the kreedom ... I did it every year. 

She would have dutifully made garlands from the beads which she got from the Mylapore korathi, at least a dozen new ones every year. 

The uruli and all the other pithalai paatharam would have undergone the pithaambari and puli ritual... now the uruli will happily be the host for all those pavizhamallis and paneer roses from our garden. May be she is contemplating or even being scared if she has arranged them properly for I had an OCD towards arranging them in a way (only my way was right, and I knew I did it to perfection) 

I never felt married or being away from home till then... till I realized that I am not going hear Amma say 'indha 9 naalavadhu seekaram aathukku vaa ma, konjam nalla chudidhaara pottukoyen.... unakku naan ore oru naal jadai thechu vidatta' :') 

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