19 April, 2013


So, I decided to write after months and months. Life is getting 'updated' and hence I thought I'd write here. Too much confusion on whether to retain this blog or the tumblr one , finally I decided I'll stay loyal to my good old blog.

This blog has one MAJOR update it terms of the 'about me' , so finally I am a teacher after envisaging for almost the past 17 years (or-so) , there is one major emo post coming up about this journey.

Also, I am getting married and am moving to a new city (YAY). Well, the marriage part is all nice but very stressful! What is more exciting to me is this shift to Bombay.

So this is the current state : ''To-be maami, to-be teacher, to-be Bombaywali'' , to-be continued...

Disclaimer :  I louwe Madras , but then I think it is high time I move away.

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  1. wer eva u go... keep writing ... love to read ur blog.. always :)