19 April, 2013

Title and all can't be given, because there is no way to describe awesomeness

A year of madness, so many awesome people! Just looking back at the past one year with NalandaWay and feeling very elated.  This place has made my world wonderful. And, I have learnt that even 'grey' is a colour. Three cheers to all those wonderful people , happy moments and here is a \m/ for more awesomeness ! Love! Life! Happiness and euphoria...

Well, a year and more NalandaWay is almost a second home for me.

 Joining a non-profit organisation was a conscious decision, a decision which I had taken after much contemplation. I knew it wasn't going to be easy. 

The journey was tough, but it has been life-changing. May be the universe conspired and helped me to be wherever I am right now. It feels good when you are being mentored, that is what those awesome folks at NalandaWay did for me. They were helping me, but not spoon feeding me. They guided me, they let me make mistakes, they let me learn and also un-learn. I have learnt that you will always receive help, all one needs to do is ask for it. There is hope, there are good souls in this world. I have learnt to work hard, even harder towards what one has to accomplish. Also, I have learnt from my boss-mentor-friend Sriram ' Never, never, never give-up' 

This is an ode to all those passionate , fun-loving , awesome folks who have been a part of my journey in the past one year. 

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  1. Thoughts beautifully expressed. Best wishes for your future.