03 November, 2012

What if she was a terrorist?

How careless one could be to have forgotten their mobile phone at workplace and not to have realized it till having boarded a train? Well, #YaItsMe . Slightly panic mode was on as I realized that my phone wasn’t there inside my bag nor inside my denim pockets, but I had my doubts if I had left it back at my workplace. So, I got down from the train at Mambalam station only to be so frustrated in finding the PCO booth (which seem to be a rarity these days) but I did find one, but the goddamn phone wasn’t working :| #ThirdWorldProblems , then I went to the VLR stall where I asked the guy if there was a phone which I could use
Me: Anna, phone? (I almost did a Bharatnatiyam to enact it) 
He: There is one booth near the steps
Me:Andha phone velai seyyalai
He: Oh, nalla thamizh pesareengale… 
Me: :| 
Then, a very kind gentleman offered me his mobile phone I refused politely but he said ”Ille medam, edho urgency dhaane use pannikonga’ , So, I called up my mobile (I don’t remember any other number by heart ) and no one answered. Once, twice.. no use. Then I took my visiting card and rang my office land line, thankfully Boss was still there and he said my phone was indeed at office. 
I thanked the gentleman and took the train back to work (what all idiocy during a weekend), haggled with the auto-driver, who replied to me in English despite me talking in Thamizh :-/ (#Posh Medras auto-drivers are posh) and finally reached my workplace where Boss was roaring with laughter. 
The matter is, the very kind gentleman who had offered me his mobile phone had called up office (from dialed numbers #WellOfCourse) and asked what place was this, who were I and lots of questions, Boss thanked him for the help and told I had forgotten my mobile and this #KindGentleman and said ‘Sir, please give me the details I had asked for, What if she was a terrorist’  
:D Loff and let loff, happy weekend y’all! 


  1. "Sir, please give me the details I had asked for, What if she was a terrorist"


  2. Lol, something similar happened with me as well. Again in Mambalam. Maybe it is the place. :)