02 September, 2012

K for kollywood , B for Blade

‘If music is a religion, mottai is God’… Anybody who had known me long enough or has been following me on #twitter would know by now that I worship Ilayaraja’s music. Last even was a test to my faith, no not in terms of the quality of #Mottai ‘s music but I had to endure a lot of talk which made no sense to me, also which wasted a lot of time and provided sleeping pills to a lot like me. 
‘Nethaan en ponvasantham’ (#NEPV) is Gautham Vasudev Menon’s new flick which has Mottai’s music. GVM’s movies has a set of audience which he has earned through the past 10 years or so and with IR rarely composing film music these days , you obviously know how much hype has surrounded the movie which launched the trailer just few months ago. 
Yesterday was the audio launch of NEPV, which had a live concert of Mottai at Nehru Indoor stadium, the organizers were very kind and had very generously agreed to donate 50% of the funds towards the NGO which I work for. 
I was really thrilled. Attending a live concert for the second consecutive year, damn my stars must be really lucky. I had to bite my tongue and swallow my words later. 
The program was supposed to start by 6.30pm , like every other #Kollywood show even this did not start on time. We waited till 7.15, only to witness a very winding and badly made AV on Raja with the musicians of his orchestra praising him. And ‘Ilaya nila pozhigiradhe’ was slaughtered to death with Mano’s nasal voice… 
”Hurray to Hungary” 
Here comes very few ”nice” parts of the concert, I listened to a symphony for the very first time in my life, the concert last December had 7 members from Budapest here. But this time the entire orchestra were present and I have only one word to describe them- ”Stupendous” . They performed very few selected numbers of Mottai (from the 80’s and early 90’s) , like Putham pudhu kaalai, Raaja Kaiya vacha and Sundari kannal oru seidhi (from the Anupallavi-the war beat to the Charanam) such perfect co-ordination, very well orchestrated and performed just to blow our minds, it was soul-stirring to be very honest. Yet again, #Mottai is the boss here. Compositions which are older than a decade sound evergreen, stir your soul and leave you in awe. 
K for Kollywood, B for Blade. 
Never in my life will I attend a Kollywood based function again. I had enough yesterday, one area where Mottai fails. He needs his ego massaged every now and then, so yesterday we witnessed the people who have a Permanent Gold card membership in ego-massage club for Mottai. 
GVM - this man usually talks a lot when he gets hold of a mike and yesterday he also sang (err,#ok) well, it was his movie so the audience had to undergo this punishment at own cost (sondha selavula suniyam) 
Everybody starting from Santhanam (well, he did provide some moments of comic relief , but he too sang praises of ‘whyIlayarajaisthegreatestmusician’ , Then came Bharathiraja  __/\__ (en iniya thamizh makkale), and he kept saying he ‘Laowes Ilayaraja’ , and ‘he is the man’ , words like Hightegh and Gowdham made few of us go ROFL. 
BaluMahendra… all of us had tears. Because 70% of the audiences had started yawning by this time. 
Suriya was called upon the stage to ‘introduce’ a song, he was jumping up and down, over-killed, and was again repeating ‘whyIlayarajaisthegreatestmusician’ in a different tense and speech, spoke 1 line about the #NEPV song and left. 
K for Kollywood, B for Blade- KB is the blade master. Enuff said. 
Suraj Jagan’s performance of ‘Pudikala maamu’ was out of the place, he was dancing and performing like no one was watching. 
Karthik did a fabulous performance with his ‘Kaatrai konjam’ , he was amazing as usual. The one guy of this generation of singers who does justice to a tune by Mottai. 
The title track ‘Neethaane enthan ponvasantham’ by Sunitha Sarathy was a Pathos and had Mottai stamped all over the song. 
There was this man named ‘Yuvan Shankar Raja’ who cannot sing without autotune, his Saindhu saindhu has a intoxicating lull to it, but Yuvan CANNOT sing live, but the female vocalist Ramya has a beautiful voice. Brilliant diction and great pitch. She saved and made up for Yuvan’s sloppy show. 
And dearest members of Kollywood, world knows that Mottai is one maestro, why beat about the same bush ?? Very disappointed. 

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  1. If music Is religion, Mottai IS god!! Apdi podunga. Super ya. :)

  2. such public concerts in India comes as a package.. Good bad and ugly. Take the good and leave the rest...