04 March, 2012

just not fair?

Boredom makes me watch tv...advertisements interest me a big deal! having grown up in the 90s I have seen some lovely ads... Old Cadbury's, Titan, Raymonds, Dhara, Amul... All those ads made TV watching such a pleasure...

I now watch these ads with so much sulk on my face. Well, just have a look what do we have for ads


annnnndddd this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLx8u4eESAA&feature=related

all of these portray one bloody thing! and that is

only a fair skin is a way to Success... any sensible human is supposed to be offended by the message that these ads convey... The clever marketing strategy ''touching the exact nerve'' ... Well we must agree that at some point deep inside those layers of skin there is a cringe worthy likeness towards the fairer skin. Blame us. Only because of the attitude we carry do these companies manufacture , pack , advertise and sell these crap.

Seriously! how much time, money and effort go waste in making these loser of ads?

how long is it going to take to realize that there isn't anything sensible in any of these???

Blame the matrimony columns:

A huge amount of blame has to be done on the matrimony columns which say 'wanted Fair,slim looking homely girl' 

 Dear folks, 
                       what exactly is wrong in being dusky? Aren't you educated enough to understand that in a tropical country like India its not possible for everyone to be 'fair skinned' ? what could be done if its not encoded in the genetic make-up? 

and woman succumb to this crap? How on earth can something which is associated with your Genetics and geography be changed by using some weird chemical combination over a period of time? If all these drama are going to be true then how fake are you? What a wimp are you then to not accept reality and accept a mask? can you really survive inside that for all your life? Is a relationship only skin deep? If yes, do you really want that? Isn't it nauseating to even think about this?

Actually most of the fairness cream contains bleaching agent called ’hydroquinol’ .other chemical substances are also present in these cream. If the bleaching percentage is between 3- 4 %, it is ok as per side effects are concerned. But most of them do not mention the  % of the chemicals on the packets. Long-term use of these creams may cause cancer, kidney problem, irritation & disfigure of skin etc.
(ref- http://chouhow.sulekha.com/blog/post/2007/09/dark-truth-of-the-fairness-cream.htm)

Many black people, particularly women, have tried to lighten their skin. But lightening creams have, so far, been dangerous.
Some contain mercury, which causes neurological and kidney damage, speech and hearing impairments and psychiatric disorders. Others include hydroquinone, which causes blue-black discolouration and leads to neuropathy, a neurological disease.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-442466/Change-eye-colour-skin-tone-popping-pill.html#ixzz1oDpvqa3f 

Looking presentable is totally different from hiding inside layers of cream which will make you look like you just dipped your face inside a box of bleaching powder!


  • --> there isn't anything wrong with being dark skinned
  • -->black is a color too and it is beautiful
  • --> people who accept you for your complexion DO NOT deserve you
  • -->skin colour and intelligence are NOT directly related
  • -->skin colour is no measure for talent, achievement and world records for the matter of fact
  • -->being fair alone boosts your self-confidence? you badly need a mental check-up and there is something wrong with your basics... 

if you just aren't proud about the way you look , there is no other sore-loser than you... hahahaha your face! 

and lastly these...

if ever you did this then the message is loud and clear!

my face! 

how cheeky and cute is that! 

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Disclaimer : I am not ranting because am dusky and not fair.  I do not claim that I don't use any make-up. Am not feminist. This is no go-green post. Am not endorsing any particular product, nor am I disappointed because of the lack of results from a cream.



  1. When I came to Germany, I was told it was a racist country....Such ads makes me believe India is more racist than any other country! :-(

  2. i completely agree with your above "rant"...i am someone who has been ranting the same too..to deaf ears...please check this out if you have the time :
    my post above is almost the entire comment i would have put here