08 December, 2009

A walk to remember...

This is not a sweet sugary love story... It’s better than that.

I started to go for morning walks few months back, I will remember 2009 for this… why walking??? My bmi chart told me that am overweight by 4 kilos… not just that dad too joined mom …diabetes… and I have such a sweet tooth, and I can’t stop eating sweets even if am paid… so I thought I’ll burn those calories … so I joined my parents or they included me in their walking schedule (and I can hear many say why the heck can’t you give them some privacy???) but still I thank all the heavenly beings for the blessed months that went by.

There wasn’t a proper park we could find to walk ( the watchman was so lazy that he opened the park gates around 6) but we start early… we ( dad, mom and myself ) would shamelessly say that we’ve walked through almost every street of madambakkam… most of the times commenting on new built/painted houses or discussing what color are we gonna paint our house… mom keeps us updated with family gossips… at times they discuss politics, history and economics (both, family economics and the countries) normal problem of educated middle-class (include Brahmin family within “) if you are not up to date with all this you end up talking nothing… this conversation went to next level.

I got all the worlds philosophy from this level conversation with my parents… they are not normal, at least to their generation. Theirs was a love marriage… and hold your breath now, they had a court-ship period of 11 years (11 YEARS, yes you heard me right) and now married for 28 years… all I felt like asking was how come with the same person for 39 years!!! All they do is smile… and dad says there is no exchange offer for all this (now that’s him, typical) but I know that he wouldn’t trade mom even for tons of gold.

When they started to see each other my mother was working, but dad was jobless. Mom had paid for his semester fee, helped him clear his history paper(my mother was a teacher J ) . Both of them lost their respective dads quite early in life and had arranged all things themselves for their wedding. After being married for a year my sister was born… still they were financially not all that well, but raised her like a princess… dad worked on shifts, worked over time, and my mother used to travel from tambaram to sowcarpet (that’s almost 22 kms) because it was a government school and tuitions for extra income... stabilization phase of their life… but an accident here… yeah its me.. Mom did not know she was pregnant till I was 5 months inside her J… and yet again they accept with happiness… I was born 6 yrs later to my sister… I had 3 wonderful people who just adored me and 5 others, (we were in a joint family then) and being the last child to that generation you can imagine how much pampering I received.

We started growing up ( my sis and myself) and parents got stabilized even better… we shifted to our own home… but my parents never got tired of working nor did they get tired of caring… my sister was over ambitious… wanted to be a physio…we knew we couldn’t afford, but dad couldn’t afford to see my sisters’ sad face… bank loan… not the first, already they were repaying their house loan… thanks to tamilnadu state government my mother got a hike in salary… again we got stabilized… and in between I (daughter of a teacher who teaches maths) failed in almost all of maths papers and I managed to clear off my class 10 board exams, I did not want to struggle more… I decide to get rid of maths permanently... and my parents stood by me… after my class 12 I told them I do not wanna do medicine and wanted to pursue biotechnology… my parents stood by me… my sister wanted to go abroad and study further…my parents stood by her… she wanted to marry her long time boy friend… yet again my parents stood by her…

I know it happens everywhere…

But I still feel amazed by my parents…they do keep arguing, they do have silly fights, dad does shout, mom does cry… but they apologize, reconcile quite soon and easy… but what is the bloody problem with our generation?? Why the heck so much of break-up stories and divorces??? One small fight with our boy/girl friend…we wail and sob and what not…

These 2 people( my father and my mother) are my greatest inspirations…in many ways… they struggled…but struggled together gave shoulders to each other when the world was not for them, they celebrated life, celebrated us…but together… they gave each other the space and time two individuals needed, dad boozed at home and mom asks him not to and there she ends her argument(she doesn’t lectures dad for hours together) mom gardens most the time or practices some rangoli in every paper found at home…dad jus makes fun and he ends it there.., they exist harmoniously…

5% of my mothers’ patience and I would conquer the world and also tackle a man like my dad J

All this I understand and realize so much more during those walks in the early hours … and I feel jealous of them yet so proud….and I will always cherish this phase of my life…and it is a walk which I will remember … FOREVER


  1. hey gr8 blog...u hav a cool sense of humour!

  2. Looks like u learnt a lot and u still have to. Parents are parents.

    I dont know if u have watched this movie "Life is Beautiful" (La vita e bella), i recommend u watch it if u havent.