08 December, 2009


Not many get my name right at the first go... everyone feels proud about their names and that too if it’s unique... I would've felt even better if it was easy (for others)...

few find my name unique... but many find it as a tongue-twister... from kinder-garden till my post-graduation, I ve struggled with this... 8 / 10 to whom I talk for the first time and introduce myself as "MIRNALINI", I hear this repeatedly "come again please”... mir-naa-lee-ni... :-) I give them a fake smile… few over enthusiastic ppl ask me what does it mean…

My mind voice: go google it if you are so bloody interested …

But not wanting to be rude (that’s so hard for me) I start explaining.

Another irritating question, “Who named you?”

My mind voice: who else will? The one who was responsible for my conception…

Yet again I try and answer patiently... – My dad :-) fake smile

My sister herself found it too difficult to call me mir-naa-lee-ni every time …Einstein she was, started calling me by a name I hate even more… minu (I find it more like a pets' name rather than a pet name…)

few from the northern parts of India get my name right in the first go, but another irritating question there- are you Bengali? Wheatish/dusky skinned and flat features on my face, and a name like mir-naa-lee-ni to accompany it, am easily mistaken for a Bengali…

My mind voice: no from misoram

Patience and fake smile again: no … south Indian, tamilian

And few too intelligent things start telling ME that,” hey yaar its not mir-naa-lee-ni, but mri-naa-lee-ni or mru-naa-lee-ni….. Oh, Dad now I hate you for this…

Fake smile again… yes… dad misspelled it in my birth certificate and so am

mir-naa-lee-ni … :-) smiling….really


  1. if it helps i've never called u minu...somehow i've gone with mirna :P do i get candy for that?

  2. yup nets..u do... :) not many call me mirna.. i find that lot better than minu(yuks)

  3. Mirna is actually a good name- dnt worry- very few people get my name right :)

  4. yeah thanks... and btw..what does your name mean??

  5. :D.. I find ur posts so interesting. When i first wanted to try my hand at blogging, i wanted to start off talking about my name and language, my name has a babu, people think i m a GULTI! and my mother tongue is something called sourashtra and the first thing ppl ask is "R u from gujarat?"! I cant do anything about it, ppl pop up with the same set of questions even now. :(.

    Ur name IS difficult to pronounce, it wud be easier if it was mrunalini/mrinalini seriously :P.

  6. @karthikbabu... thank you so much,,..very encouraging

  7. hi mints!....i asked sanskrit teacher for the meaning ..... lol ... it was during eleventh std.....i asked you too one day ...i guess so, -balaji.o

  8. :D did we really talk during that time...i dunno..and whats up with this cocobalaji thing???

  9. hahah...well said..
    will forward this to my sister...
    Same probs to her also....

  10. I am dilip sister... If you say it is difficult for indians think about americans..They try to call me myru...nalini(which in my lang its called hair... :()so now i shorten for them to miru so now wherever i give my first name is miru or i will show my id...